SEO Website Development Packages

Strategic Planning for Your Website

American Web Page is a Search Engine Optimization Specialist company who knows the value of optimizing your website's return on investment. In order to achieve optimum ROI results, the optimization process begins in the earliest stages of development.

Critical to maximizing your ROI is finding your marketing niche and determining how that target market influences the content, layout and overall website design. This is the first important step in the website development process.

Determining your Marketing Objectives

What is your primary goal for the website?

After determining the marketing objectives for your SEO website, the next step is:

Keyword Research, Analysis and Review

AWP collaborates with you to determine the actual words and phrases people use to search the Web when they are looking for products and services that you might offer. Targeting the keywords that will improve the visibility of your SEO website is crucial to achieve maximum performance. In order to achieve this objective, AWP uses software that determines actual word usage on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization of Textual Content

The textual content of your website must be written, analyzed, and/or modified to carefully place keyword-rich content on each page. Writing effective search engine optimized copy is a unique process that requires extensive training and practice to attain maximum competency.

Initial Website Design and Construction

AWP Web designers will coordinate their ideas and designs with you to produce the right look for your website. This could be a complement to your existing graphics or a new, fresh approach. The color scheme, graphics, layout, and text will reflect the marketing objectives determined previously. Navigation for the SEO website will be intuitive for your visitors.

Fine Tuning of Text, Design and Graphics

Once the overall graphic and textual concepts are approved, we will construct the site. After the site is completed, we will once again ask for your review to determine if the marketing objectives have been met, that the target market is clear and if necessary changes are required.

American Web Page Package Plans are Search Engine Optimized

Our Package Plans Include:
  • Home (index) page, product pages, contact page
  • Web hosting for one year
  • Domain registration (if needed)
  • Search engine submissions and directory submissions as agreed to. (Many major search engines and directories now require a fee for representation in their listing.)
  • Price is determined by total size of the Web site and any additional customization (if required).
  • Interactive website development - Including polling applications, mailing lists, "tell-a-friend," etc.

SEO Maintenance Phase

Quarterly Search Engine Review of Key Phrases

Search Engine Optimization does not end with initial construction. Since search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and your competitors are anxious to get to the top, an analysis is done at least quarterly. Your keywords and their rankings on the major search engines are analyzed to ensure that any necessary changes are made to maintain high positioning. These changes could encompass content changes, coding changes or other processes determined to be necessary to maintain or enhance your search engine rankings.

Periodic Updates and Improvements to Your Website

Your website needs to be kept current so that it is interesting to your visitors. New products, improved features, or better applications are all reasons that your pages may need to be updated. These updates are usually free of charge. The user is the beneficiary of this kind of change and more likely to come back for more information.

Additional Customization if Required

Consultation - If your firm is an American Web Page client and is contemplating a new website or wants to update or change an old one, AWP offers SEO consultation services.

Added Resources - Some clients have need for extensive technical resources online. AWP has provided pages listing "PDF" files for users benefit. CD-ROM presentations have also been placed on existing sites to provide additional information for visitors. Ask us about audio/video clips.

Client Updates - Sometimes a client needs to have access to update particular pages of a site, often on short notice. AWP can set up the ability to allow updates for pages such as Job Openings, Used Machinery, etc., in a name and password protected environment.

If you want to improve your search engine ranking on the Internet with an SEO website that clearly defines your target market, contact American Web Page. Our search engine optimization specialists have ten years experience providing profitable Internet marketing solutions for other businesses, and we can help you. Please visit our Clients page to see samples from our portfolio.

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