Success Stories from AWP Clients

"This is a great report! We are pleased with our Web presence, many new customers, I will tally the sales increase at year-end. I know that the web page has now paid for itself at least once! More later, we are very busy - a couple competitors are going out of business so we are getting many panic calls."

"We were very impressed with American Web Page. We found them to be knowledgeable with regards to search engines and how they work. We receive between 5-15 inquiries daily from our Web page and that number continues to increase. We recommend American Web Page without reservation to anyone interested in developing a Web page and or increasing their visibility on the Internet."

"Your search engine techniques have produced the best return on our advertising dollars better than any promotion we have done in the past. These are measurable results we can attribute directly to our Web site. At first, I couldn't see how your search engine work would make any difference based on the poor results from our old Web site. To your credit, you got our site found on top of the major engines resulting in many calls, e-mails and eventual sales."

". . . In 2002, our business of making large gears and pulleys was way down. The only bright spot this year is the Web and our site. We receive a steady flow of phone calls and e-mails that result in business that has given us a four-to-one return on what we spent for the Web site. We have several new accounts that have re-ordered and in this economy, new business is critical. A bonus from our site is that all our new customers have paid promptly. American Web Page told us what they were going to do and they did it."

"We have been consistently averaging at least three inquiries a week. That is much better than I ever got out of our Yellow Pages or other print media campaign. Web page advertising has been very successful for me, especially since you took the time to explain what I had to do to get the most out of my advertising campaign."

"American Web Page come highly recommended! . . .While it is certainly possible to get a web site up and running for less money elsewhere, a site is of little use unless current and potential customers can find it. This is where I believe American Web Page excels in keeping current with the rapidly changing technology, registering our site with numerous search engines, and generally making it possible for so many Internet users to find us easily. And once they find us, they are presented with a great looking, user-friendly, and informative site."

"We have been receiving a steady flow of E-mails requesting information on parts, manuals, service and on our milling machines, new and used, many of which I have been able to turn into sales. I consider the Internet and your company a necessity in today's marketplace. We tried to handle our own web page with little to no results. Your service has given us a Web site that works and pays."

"We have been able to see increased inquiries and sales from industries that we had not previously serviced. The site has also been helpful by allowing visitors to visualize our marking system operations, something difficult to accomplish in a telephone conversation. When we are contacted by new customers, we are finding that most have found us by searching the Web."

All search engine optimization companies
are not created equal.
If a company can't deliver, you can lose time and money. What's worse, if the work is not done properly, your web site could get banned from one or more search engines before your venture is ever fully launched. Banning can be permanent on Google.

When you are ready to shop for an SEO provider, always check credentials and ask for documented proof. To read more about SEO scams, please see

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