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Outsource your ecommerce website development to a search engine optimization specialist that has creative Internet marketing solutions for industrial, manufacturing, professional and retail clientele in Michigan and across North America. American Web Page makes Web marketing work.

Ecommerce sales will be booming for the next five years, say analysts. Sales are expected to increase by approximately 20 percent annually, growing from $95.7 billion in 2003, to $229 billion in 2008, according to one report published by Forrester Research in August, 2003.

Having an e-commerce website is more than just a marketing option in today's competitive economy. Doing business over the Internet has become a necessity. Before you spend money updating your brochure or catalog, call us to learn how putting your catalog online keeps your brochure current and will also save you money.

American Web Page Makes Ecommerce Websites That Work

Some Search Engine Optimization companies promise to bring top rankings and business to your e-commerce website. Before choosing a search engine optimization company to build your website and boost your Internet positioning, ask to see two samples of clients' websites from each company. They should be able to show you a before-and-after revision that successfully lifts their clients into the top 10 20 positions on the major search engines.

In addition to top positioning, your vendor should be able to show you Web statistics that will measure:

Losing your time and money isn't the only risk you face in hiring an incompetent SEO company. If an SEO company is unethical "gaming" the search engine rules or using old technology your URL (website) could get banned from Google, the largest search engine on the Internet today. And you may not be able to get back into their index. Read what others say about SEO Myths:

For the past ten years, American Web Page has provided e-commerce and search engine marketing solutions that deliver measurable results to clients. We can design, develop and market static websites and dynamic, database-driven e-commerce website applications, all within a secure environment, that are fully search engine optimized to bring you the highest Internet visibility possible for your target market.

American Web Page can get dynamic or database-driven e-commerce pages found on the top five search engines. Other SEO companies can only get your (HTML) static pages found not your catalog or e-commerce pages. AWP will get all of your pages found, increasing your keywords and competitive advantage.

We offer standard and customized e-commerce packages. They include a wide range of Internet shopping features, such as e-commerce shopping carts with secure credit card capabilities, as well as online catalogs ranging in complexity from basic to multi-function databases that will list more than 1,000,000 items.

All packages include analysis of website traffic, page and keyword relevance, referring URLs, visitor navigation, customer profiles and sales. We register your domain name and manually submit your website to search engines and directories.

Customized Ecommerce Options:
  • SSL Certificates Thwate, Verisign
  • Online Catalogs (search engineered)
  • UPS Web Service Integration (shipping costs XML)
  • FedEx Web Service Integration (shipping costs XML)
  • PGP Encryption for Secure Credit Card Transactions
  • Real-time Credit Card Processing (with approved banking facilities)
  • Databases Application architecture supporting 1,000,000-plus products
  • Administrative functions for daily updates or changes to a catalog in a secure environment CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • Modular design applications to accommodate growth
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Sales Reporting and Analysis

Whether you are hanging a shingle on Main Street or broadcasting your business across the World Wide Web, American Web Page has the expertise to drive traffic to your door or to your e-commerce website.

All search engine optimization companies
are not created equal.
Contact a sales representative from American Web Page today to learn more about Search Engine Optimized Ecommerce websites.

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